The Hario Dripper V60 has become one of the most popular brewing methods and it is a favorite of ours in the office.   It’s designed to brew anywhere from one to five, 6-ounce cups.  It is relatively inexpensive and can be purchased online or at many local cafes and roasteries.


  Here’s what you will need to get started:

  - Hario Ceramic Dripper V60
  - Hario Size 2 Paper Filters
  - Cup or decanter to be placed under the Hario V60
        We love the Hario Glass Decanter - it’s beautiful and functional
  - Fresh roasted coffee
  - Grinder
  - Hario measuring scoop
  - Water kettle and filtered water
        The Hario Buono Kettle (pictured below) is perfect for providing
       the needed control during the pour

  - Timer



Check out our Coffee Brewing Basics guide in the Learn section of Coffee Trip for a discussion on the importance of fresh-roasted coffee, the temperature and quality of water and the importance of the right grind.

So let’s get started:

1. Set up your Hario ceramic dripper and filter. We recommend folding the filter flat along the seam and then placing it into the dripper.  Place the dripper on or over your cup or decanter.

2. Prepare your water for boiling.  Once your water has almost reached a boil, rinse the paper filter using slow circular motions.  The filter should be completely saturated.  You can even do a second rinse in an effort to remove any paper taste.  Make sure all water has drained from the filter before you place your coffee grounds in the dripper. Remove the dripper from the carafe and discard the water from the carafe.  We also suggest preheating your serving cups by pouring heated water into them.

3. Measure your coffee with the Hario measuring scoop. We recommend using one level scoop (12 grams) of coffee per 6oz of water.

4. Grind your coffee beans for a drip grind.  This is a medium grind setting. We use a Baratza Virtuoso grinder on setting 20 – 23 depending upon the humidity and freshness of the coffee.  Pour the ground coffee into the dripper. 

5. Once the water has boiled let it sit for a few seconds to cool down to around 200 degrees F.  Set your timer to 3 minutes and start your pour.

6. Begin your pour in the center of the grounds and pour in a slow and controlled circular motion towards the outer edges making sure you wet the grounds evenly.  Avoid hitting the outermost edges of the grounds and keep the water level with the grounds at all times.  After you have pre-wet the grounds the blooming process begins.  Let the coffee bloom for about 30 seconds before you start your next pour.

7. Start your next pour in the center of the grounds and continue to pour in a circular motion towards the edge of the grounds. Again, make sure you do not over fill the grounds with water.  The key to brewing with the Hario is to keep the grounds wet and the water level even with the grounds at all times during the 2-3 minute brewing process.

8. When the brewing process is complete the top of your grounds should be flat.  Discard the filter and grounds.

9. Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee!