The Coffee Trip iPhone app appeared in the iTunes store for the first time yesterday. We have been quietly working on this app for some time now. If you have an iPhone and have an interest in specialty coffee - either professionally or as an enthusiast – I think you will enjoy this app. And it’s free.

There are a lot of Coffee Finder applications in the iTunes store that have nothing to do with specialty coffee – showing lists of businesses from a Yellow Pages search on Coffee Shops or lists of locations of major coffee chains. The Coffee Trip app is the first one that works off of a carefully-researched, national database of independent specialty coffee shops and roasters. It also includes some nice features to search. If you don’t find a cafe or roaster that should be in there, please let us know.

Here are some highlights of the capabilities:

  • You can search for cafes that serve coffee from a particular roaster
  • You can search for a cafe or roaster by name or any part of a name
  • You can search for cafes or roasters within a certain distance from your current location or any address
  • A cafe or roaster can easily post updates to their detail page from their account on the Coffee Trip web site to feature daily coffee offerings or events
  • You can get detailed driving, walking, or mass transit directions from your current location or any address to a particular cafe or roaster

If you get a chance, please take a moment to download the app.  The way it was submitted to Apple does require Version 4.2 or higher of the iPhone operating system.  It’s a free update that will require a connection to the iTunes store.

If you enjoy the app, I hope you will have time to write a positive review.  We are already working on the next version.  I expect it to be available within a few weeks.  Among other things, you’ll be able to tag favorites, show your iPhone favorites lists of cafes and roasters, see which cafes and roasters are the most popular, and more.  We’ll also show additional detail information for each cafe and roaster.

In the near future, we will release a mobile-formatted web site that will provide similar functionality for non-iPhone mobile devices.

You can take a look at some screen shots in the iTunes store here.