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 God in a Cup: The Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Coffee God in a Cup: The Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Coffee
By  Michaele Weissman

From Ethiopia to Panama to Portland, journalist Weissman shadows today's vanguard coffee guys in their pursuit of the perfect, caffeinated beverage. With increased demand for specialty roasts superior to the mass-marketed offerings at Starbucks, Weissman illustrates how the origin, flavor compounds and socioeconomic impact of a cup of coffee are relevant now more than ever.

 Coffee: A Dark History Coffee: A Dark History
By  Anthony Wild

Coffee trader and historian Antony Wild delivers a rollicking history of the most valuable legally traded commodity in the world after oil—and an industry that employs one hundred million people throughout the world. Bridging the gap between coffee's dismal colonial past and its perilous corporate present, Coffee reveals the shocking exploitation that has always lurked at the heart of the industry.

 Celebrating the Third Place: Inspiring Stories About the Celebrating the Third Place: Inspiring Stories About the "Great Good Places" at the Heart of Our Communities
By  Ph.D. Ray Oldenburg

After a long day at work or a lazy afternoon at home, many of us seek solace and distraction in a place where the magical combination of comfort, familiarity, and good company transform an ordinary hangout into our special "third place." Celebrating the Third Place brings together nineteen firsthand accounts by proprietors of third places, as well as appreciations by fans who have made spending time at these establishments a regular part of their lives.

 The Coffee House: A Cultural History The Coffee House: A Cultural History
By  Markman Ellis

When the first coffee house opened in London in 1652, customers were bewildered by this strange new drink from Turkey. For the next century, the coffee house was at the center of British urban life, creating a distinctive social culture. Coffee houses thus came to play a key role in the explosion of political, financial, scientific, and literary change in the 18th century. In the 19th century, tea replaced coffee as the nation’s most popular drink. In The Coffee House, Markman Ellis offers a timely and fascinating account of this enduring cultural phenomenon.

 Indulgences - Coffee and Friends Indulgences - Coffee and Friends
By  Becky Germany

Filled to the brim with quotes on coffee and friendship, along with delicious coffee recipes and quick coffee facts, this steaming cup of inspiration is packaged beautifully in a hardcover binding with elegant full-color photographic illustrations. Indulgence - Coffee and Friends is a thoughtful gift that will delight coffee-loving friends on any occasion. Indulgence - Coffee and Friends is the perfect gift for those with whom you occasionally "indulge." Coffee-loving friends will be delighted with this heartfelt offering.

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